Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Davis received his Bachelor of Science degree in athletic training from Keene State College where he first discovered chiropractic. His first adjustment was from a mentor who is also a chiropractor and it instantly changed his perspective on health. His background in orthopedics and sports medicine paved the way for Dr. Davis to then pursue his doctorate in chiropractic from Palmer College. While in chiropractic school, he gravitated toward the studies of neurology, nutrition and sports injuries, which he now uses as a major focus in his care to improve his patient’s quality of life.

Dr. Davis brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience with young and not so young athletes. A former football player himself, he truly understands the importance of sound structure and good posture not only on the athlete’s overall performance but on the avoidance of injury as well. Natural health through the maintenance of the human frame and good nutrition are the cornerstones of his practice and fit right in with the overall philosophy of The Khoury Centre. You can feel comfortable turning to Dr. Davis for unrivaled back pain treatment and more in Dedham.

His greatest blessing to date is the birth of his son Grayson.