Khoury Chiropractic Centre for Health and Wellness understands that when it comes to your overall health and wellness, your sleep matters. Not only does the amount of sleep you get greatly impact your state of wellness, but the type of mattress you sleep on significantly impacts your health as well.

We have partnered with Intelligel IntelliBED®, to provide all of our patients with an affordable option to transform their well-being, starting with their mattresses. Your mattress should bring you a night of rest and comfort, allowing for you to wake up feeling renewed, not in pain and still tired. If you have experienced restless nights, morning back pain, or discomfort of any type, chances are it is time to get a new mattress.

IntelliBED® has an advanced design that promotes a better night’s sleep through pressure relief and support systems. With high-quality innersprings and superior alignment techniques, IntelliBED® uses intelligel, not foam, to give you the relief you are looking for. Using non-toxic and hypoallergenic antimicrobial materials, their gel system is unlike any other system on the market.

Your back and spine need support when it comes to your bed. Khoury Chiropractic Centre for Health and Wellness promotes wellness through these wonderful mattresses. The key to a happy back is an aligned spine. Many times, foam mattresses wear and sag, leaving you with little to no support at all. By supporting both your lower neck and back, IntelliBED®’s gel system will not only give you a better night’s sleep but allow you to feel great all day long thanks to incredible back pain relief. Do not make your back suffer; upgrade to a new mattress today!