Custom Orthotics In Dedham

Khoury Chiropractic Centre for Health and Wellness believes in the power of healing in a natural, non-surgical manner. You do not always need surgery to get the relief that you are looking for. When it comes to your feet, many people suffer and live with daily pain and irritation. Foot pain is far too common, yet it is easily treatable with orthotics.

At Khoury Chiropractic Centre for Health and Wellness, we provide our patients with the option to have a custom orthotic. By aligning your ankle into the proper position, pressure is reduced on your feet, relieving your body of the stress and strain. Made to perfectly fit your feet, our custom orthotics correct the alignment of your feet through adjustment and realignment.

Our orthotics fit right into your shoes, just as an insole would, and they are customized to your foot’s structure allowing for treatment specifically for you. Although the first few times you wear your orthotics you may experience discomfort due to the adjustment, after the alignment of your feet has been corrected, you will hardly even realize your orthotics are in your shoes.

When you come into Khoury Chiropractic Centre for Health and Wellness, we will take a mold of your foot and custom-design an orthotic for you. If you are experiencing foot pain due to bunions and hammer toe and have pain in the arches of your feet, your heels, and even your knees or legs, you may be the perfect candidate to receive orthotics.

Call us today to discuss if this may be the answer you have been searching for to finally get rid of your foot pain.