The Khoury Centre for Chiropractic & Wellness

At Khoury Chiropractic Centre for Health & Wellness our focus is finding the root cause of each patient’s complaint. We take a whole body approach in order to do this. While your symptoms are important to us other aspects of your life are important too. Painting a whole picture of your current state of health is what allows us to get the best results. This is why in our office no two patients are treated the same. We have at our disposal many diagnostic tools to determine the treatment protocol that is right for you. These include, but are not limited to, a detailed case history, examination and x-rays which are done on site when necessary. We are very careful to determine if chiropractic is right for you. If we feel you are not a candidate for chiropractic care we will make a referral to a more appropriate provider. If you are interested in finding out if chiropractic is right for you please contact us regarding a complimentary consultation.


At our Centre you will find warm and caring doctors and an inviting and dedicated staff all of whom make for a team of knowledgeable individuals who will support you in your quest for better, more vibrant health.


Chiropractic Centre For Health and Wellness

At The Khoury Centre for Chiropractic & Wellness the doctors and patients work together as a team towards a better outcome of the patient’s health care goals.

Our care is based upon the belief that the body heals itself by seeking balance. The nervous system, which controls all body functions, is the regulator of this self-healing mechanism.

At the Khoury Centre we take a whole body approach to health. We care for patients from infancy to the senior years for a myriad of health concerns utilizing chiropractic adjustments, nutrition and exercise.

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