Decompression Therapy

Spinal Decompression Therapy

Khoury Centre for Health and Wellness is your affordable, professional, and advanced treatment center for all your back pain. We believe that not all health has to come from medicines and pills. At our center, you can find the treatment you need in a natural, non-invasive way. Our alternative to disc and nerve treatment allows for our patients to receive the care they need in an efficient and reliable manner.

Through our Kennedy Decompression System, our patients at Khoury Centre for Health and Wellness can feel better, have less daily pain, and get back to the life of wellness they are after. By applying our latest technique in chiropractic work, our decompression therapy, we can give your body the best chance to heal and repair any disc, nerve condition, or back pain that you may have.

Spinal decompression therapy removes the pressure on your discs, effectively promoting your body to heal and return to a pain-free lifestyle. By relieving pain that is associated with herniated discs, degenerative discs, or any other conditions related to facet joints and your spine, our therapy treats lower back pain, neck pain, arm and leg pain, and headaches. If you are suffering from pain associated with degenerative, bulging, herniated, or ruptured discs, see what a series of these sessions may do for you. Combined with routine exercise, within three to four weeks, you will feel not only relieved but renewed.

You should never have to suffer and live with daily back pain. Call us today to schedule your appointment for your decompression treatment today!