Pregnancy and Children


Chiropractic for Pregnancy

Pregnant patients often suffer from low back, hip or pelvic pain. As pregnancy advances and the belly grows, posture can be thrown off. This can cause stretching of the tendons and ligaments - especially in the third trimester. Changes to the shape of the pelvis can also cause issues of pelvic distortion which can "trap" the baby in a bad position. Chiropractic adjustments have been known to help realign the pelvic structures allowing for a head-down baby and a less stressful birth.

An effective and specialized adjustment technique called the Webster Technique is offered to our pregnant patients and is performed by Dr. Dawn Khoury. Dr. Dawn is a licensed Doctor of Chiropractic in the specialty of pediatrics and pregnancy.


Chiropractic for Children

Babies and children can benefit from chiropractic care in many ways. Colic, reflux, gas and trouble nursing are some of the conditions that can be successfully treated in newborns. Toddlers and older children often present with chronic ear infection, asthma, allergies, or headaches. Disruptions to the nervous system due to spinal misalignment can be the cause of these illnesses. Restoring normal alignment and motion to the spine can help to remedy these situations.

It is important to start screening children for scoliosis at the age of 4 years. Beginning screenings in late elementary or early middle school is often too late. Wellness care can be helpful in balancing the nervous system for children with ADHD, ASD, and other neurologic disorders.